Niji'iro no Tea

just a little drop of happiness

2 September 1981
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A virgo scorpio taurus with way too much libra mixed in for any one's good. Enjoys reading, music, singing, danceing and walking her dog. Overly critical and highly analytical. Perfectionst. Loves all colors but prefers Greens and Pastels. Has been told that she would argue with anything just for the hell of it.

Tea, Jpop/Jrock music, Kpop music, Kumihimo, Vitamin Water, Exercise, VOCALoid, Manga, Yaoi, 1% milk, Pepsi, Pomegranates, Lychees, Hi-Chew, Bananas, Movies, iPhone, 3DS, Unicorns, Turtles with Scarves, Green.

Bye Bye / Credits
Just a tad bit; rather a lot; all over the place. But she is Super Nice and doesn't bite very hard at all. Talk away if you wish to. Ja Ne~

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