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The Apple is a lie

You know the saying, 'An Apple a Day keeps the Dr. away.'. I would like to kick whoever came up with that. I eat apples daily and yeah...I'm F-ING SICK!

It's not so much the fact that my headaches; I'm lucky to have days where this doesn't happen; or that my ears hurt. It's that damn sore throat from the persistent cough that irks me. I was told that I should be feeling lucky since I only have to deal with this once every 5 to 6 years. And that I shouldn't complain because it's finally my turn to be sick for once. That person was lucky the baseball bat wasn't near my hand otherwise they would have gotten a beating. The fact that I had to get sick at all is enough. More so that I have to work through it. So instead of getting plenty of rest I am out chasing after children. And then people are like...oh you lost your voice? Again, why was my baseball bat not in my hand?  Or course I lost my voice. I have to talk to the children with a sore throat and have sore throat won.

So basically I have an Upper Respiratory Infection. I get them about once every 5 years. Mostly triggered by really bad allergies. What makes this time worse is the fact that I can't really call out of work. And the fact that my voice if basically gone doesn't mean anything. I still have to talk to interact with the kids the best way I can. The upside to working while being sick is that I can push my mind else where and deal with it, but at home it's a different story. I do not enjoy waking up every 2hrs because I keep cough so much. My grandpa is in the other room yelling at me to take cough medicine which I'd already done. He doesn't get that I have to wait 4hrs before taking more. Plus I am taking Advil twice a day to knock out the head and ear aches as much as I can.

Damn I don't see how my Mom and Step-Dad can deal with this on a yearly basis. I would go nuts....oh wait, already there. 
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