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The best armor is to keep out of range

I'm alive...I just really lack motivation to do anything these days. But just in case everyone was wondering here is a break down of whats been going on.

But before that...WTF LJ? I would like to know what the hell is loading no stop on your's rather annoying to the see the loading sign just load and load and never stop. Fix that will ya.

Ok, onto me.

aka Butt-head is as happy as ever. He thinks I am his personal driver and chair which is kinda cute. Thankfully at 15lbs I don't mind so much that he sits on me, but he likes to dig his paws into my boobs and that hurts. He also likes to bury himself under me at night when I am trying to sleep. I have tried to tell him that it's hard to sleep when I feel like I am suffocating my 15lb dog but he doesn't mind. He will be getting his own dog bed in two weeks and then I will no longer have to share my bed. (I hope.)

Family (uncle drama)
Non-stop drama that has gotten out of hand. I have decided to just stop talking about it period. The more I talk and think about it the more stressed out I become and when I am so stressed out that the only thing I can think of is eating a whole pizza alone and by myself. It's not a good feel. In fact the few times I broke down and did this I got super sick from it. So yeah, I will no longer be talking about anything bad family wise on here. It just makes me ill.

Job Front
Kinda Employed. I got a seasonal job with the city. So I will be working over the summer. Nothing big but I get paid and out of the house and away from above. I am looking forward to starting this on the 9th of June. It also gives me a little break from looking for a job since I will be working. I'll start searching again in July. But yeah, MONEY.

Going back to School
Due to drama and unfortunate events this is out of the question. For now.

Brother News
My brother got engaged. No news on when they he and his GF will actually marry; I know they don't want a wedding and I don't blame them; but she has a ring. Now if only he would learn to drive.

Family (non-uncle drama)
My mom and step-dad decided to renovate their house some what and actually took my advice. I'm kinda sad that I couldn't help take down the walls but dust allergies are not fun and it was dusty I hear. In all they will be having the main bathroom, kitchen, dining, living room and entry room redone. I talked my mom into going with an open floor plan so that it will make everything bigger and give her the bigger kitchen she wanted. I also suggested having an island with a bar top so they could eat off it in the mornings or when ever. Sadly she can't have an actually floating island. We found out that who ever had the house before us took down a major supporting wall and because they didn't have the budget to have a massive support beam added they had to go with a pillar instead. So the pillar is being integrated into island and we have been told it will look nice when done. So yeah, I'll post pictures of all this later in the week.

Was I on one...or suppose to be? (hides)
I've been too stressed out to think about this. But I haven't forgotten about it.

Ok, that's it for now. I know I have more to talk about but I'll do that later. Right now I need to look into a new layout or this thing; I want Rahenna's layout.

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