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A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

Sorry my posting habits haven't really gotten any better. I've been dealing with Family Drama that I really don't want to bother anyone with anymore. I talk too much about negative things anyhow so I'll spare you guys.

So let's talk about other things.

So I know back in Dec/Jan I talked about Zeus (Ancient Greek: Ζευς pronounced Zoos) and how I came to have him. I must say that in the last few months that this Dog has made me so happy when I was feeling like crap. I really feel that I was meant to find him and to have him. My grandpa thinks that I baby him to much because I like to take him with me when ever I can. But I don't see the issue with it since I am ok with it. I've also in the past few months learned just how different having a male does is. I've been around male dogs but I haven't owned one. And let's face it, the last dog I owned was Sabrina and I am still not over her. I still call her name sometimes without thinking. But Zeus to me is special. He truly wants to be with me despite being more of a 'male dog'. He loves sitting with my grandpa and with my stepdad but when I am getting up to do anything he is right there on my heels. My mom said that he was not interested in what she was really doing the whole time she had him at the house with her the other day. But the moment I was in the house and started to move around she took note of how he would just follow me.

Oh yeah, and Zeus is adorable. He is a Doxle. Thou not an official Designer Dog his mix is more common then I thought. He is a mix of a Long Haired Dachshund and a Beagle. He is 15lbs of energy to boot. He love the stuffed Hippo I got my grandpa for Christmas. Bert is Zeus best friend. I've also come to realize that Zeus is the best name for him. I originally wanted to name him Hiro using the character 博 for 'esteem'. I though it would have been a nice name. But my grandpa was right about his name. The name Zeus means 'shine' or 'sky' which is so much more fitting for him. I know it sounds corny but he really does make me happy.
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