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Happiness is not the absence of problems, but the ability to deal with them.

So many things have gone on lately but I am alive, I think.

For starters I had to take some time off due to the lack of RAM in my laptop. I just couldn't deal with Firefox locking up on me every 10mins. It made it unbearable to update my TCGs, post a entry, etc. But I got my new RAM in today and I must say, that 4GB of ram makes me one happy person. It's so nice not having to stare at my PC while it tries to contemplate the meaning of life. Or me having to stare at the task manager wonder which processes I can kill without causing the laptop to have a heart attack. So Yeah, one issue down.

Right now I have to re-reformat my external HD. Western Digital as the software on their site to set it back to factory which is what I should have checked into in the first place. But alas I am not the best thinker when I am stressed beyond belief. So what little I had saved on it from before I am pulling off and re-formatting it tonight. And then I will have to play 'Let's remember everything you had on the drive', a game I rather hate.

Been working out the details of my diet for the past few weeks and I have decided I am going to go with smoothies. Being the ultra picky eater I am, the idea of eating food scares me. So trying to eat rice and baked chicken will not work with me. I'd rather starve sadly. So I have been reading about raw green smoothies and using them to lose weight. I idea seems good to me. I'd rather drink something then eat it. Plus I can take veggies and mix them in with fruits and consume them that way. I mean, I like those fruit blends that V8 does so I should be ok with that. And while my Dr said she doesn't recommend the idea I have for a diet every, she said for me it might work. The idea is to do Smoothies 3 times a day as the main meals. In between them I would eat healthy snacks like all natural peanut butter on toast or some dried fruits or unsalted nuts. The idea is to do this for a two or three months in order to get me into the habit of eating 6 times a day and get me out of the habit of all the junk I eat. That way after two to three months I can start switching out the shakes at lunch or dinner for an actually meal. I think for me this will work. Because I don't have to buy per-packaged crap, I can control everything that I put into the shakes and I can make the shakes to taste so they will be things I like. My Dr said, that I should start with very realistic goals or else I will fail. And I have to say, it's been hard to give up the urge to eat pizza. I want it knowing that it makes me so sick later on but it's like a drug to me. And I've been good. Only cheated twice in the past month.

Other then that, I am thinking of doing some simple Yoga. I walk pretty much every day and I plan to start swimming again too. But I think Yoga would do me good and I can do it every other day to start. I just have to keep my self motivated. I don't want weight lose surgery and I am tried of wearing a size....24. Gah, now that I have said that I need to run and hide.
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