August 22nd, 2014


Making myself happy

You know I have never been one to put myself before other people and maybe just maybe this is where the bulk of my issues are coming from. I mean hey, why do I need to be the person that supports and goes out of their to help everyone. When did I sign up to solve everyone's issues while ignoring my own. It just makes me feel like a door mat.

So I have to start doing things for me for a change and not caring what anyone says about it. So I decided to start off by ordering a new External HD. My old one lived for 7yrs and then killed itself. I was sad to see it die but it served it's purpose well in the end. So once my new HD comes in I will be able to save all my stuff and reimage this PC again to make it run better. I have a clean vs of Windows 7 going on this PC that should make it run like new. So yeah~

I'm also thinking of trying Q-box. It's a monthly box you can buy that will give you beauty products from Japan and Korea. The company is based out of Canada. So that might be the next thing I buy.