January 22nd, 2014


Let's get Physical

Yeah for tacky puns....moving on. XD

So I am a fat blob. And I hate it. And I know that I should love myself how I am but that is very hard to do when I hear about my weight from my family non-stop. It's like, give me something positive but it seems there is none. So back in November I started thinking about joining Weight Watchers. And while I decided to do it my Mom gave me second thoughts. But it made sense for once. How do you diet to lose weight when you don't really eat food now? I mean really, how? Compared to most people who are my weight I don't eat anywhere near what they do. I could write on the front side of one piece of paper what I eat. And just thinking about that makes me really sad. Not to mention other factors that are almost certain to set me up to fail. I mean really....so many issues.

- I can't have fake sugar (gives me headaches so diet soda is out. So no aspartame, Splenda, Stevia, Truvia, etc..)
- Taste and Smell Sensitive (if it smells bad I won't even try it, and overwhelming tastes make me sick)
- Hardly ever Hungry (I pretty must don't feel hungry so eating 3 times a day is an issue. I feel sick when I force myself to eat)
- Seafood is a no (allergic to shellfish and most fish, so really I just stay away in general)
- Picky Eater (trying something new is traumatic for me. It's like jumping out of a plane in my mind)

Those are the main issues that I have. While the Seafood isn't that big of a deal; since no one would force me to eat it; the rest are pretty big. But I have to figure out and find support to deal with these issues otherwise I am going to fail. And I don't want to fail. I have goals that can be worked out and met but working out how to make it work is another story. But the first one I need to tackle is being about to eat six times a day. My childhood Dr. and Neurologist told me from 14yrs old on that I should eat six times a day. It would benefit me more then anything because of my headaches and other medical issues. But to go from eating twice a day to six times a day has always seemed like a massive task. And while I have an idea of a way to do it, actually doing it and working it out to make it reasonable will be the hard part.

Lots of more things to think about.