January 18th, 2014

i need a moment

The right Bra make a difference

I went and got fitted for a new bras today. Which for me is NEVER a fun experience. I have had just the worst issues with bras since I started wearing them which more often then not would cause me to not wear them at all. So tired off having to deal with my issues I got up the nerve to go to a shop that caters to larger sized women.

I walked in and the lady came over to me and asked how she could help me then she before I could say anything she looked at me and said, "Oh My, you look so unhappy and uncomfortable. I can see your bra is just all wrong. Is that why you are here?" I kinda just stood there like an idiot and nodded my head. So she grabbed my hand and took me into the back and asked me to take off my shirt. She then asked what size bra I had on now. I told her it was a --DDD; I'm not sharing the size with you guys sorry; and she looked at me and said. "Honey no wonder your so miserable I bet your a G." I was FLOORED. I have always been measured at a DDD there was NO WAY I could be a G. If only you guys knew how right I wanted to be but damn it.

After trying on a few different styles of bras I found one that worked best and got a few of them. To my surprise the fit was better then any other bra I have had ever. But now I am more determined to lose weight so that my breast can not be a size G. Where the hell did E and F go? No, I went from being a DDD to a G.

All my Mom could say to me was that my Grandma had big breast too and since I take after her it's only normal. But I thought being a DDD was huge, being a G is like enormous to me. I feel like crawling into a hole over this. I know I sound like I'm exaggerating but I hate bras and the idea that now that I have some that fit me the way they should it's almost like having to expect them and like them. I really wish I didn't have to wear them at all. But alas having big breast makes it awkward to walk around without a bra on. This bites.