January 13th, 2014

taemin, kiss

Changes should be easier

I have decided to start really making some changes to my life this year. And while the list isn't really that long it is rather daunting in terms of the effort it is going to take.

List of Changes:
  ♦ Lose Weight / Start Weight Watchers
  ♦ Give up Sodas all together
  ♦ Start Couponing for Grandpa
  ♦ Get a JOB (really why is it taking so long -_-;;)
  ♦ Down size / Donate things I no longer need (I'm a bit of a Pack Rat)
  ♦ Reorganize my Life
  ♦ Working on Myself (learning to like myself has always been a fight I have lost)

While most of this will be simple to task to do some of them will not.  The hardest for me will be 'Working on Myself'. I've never liked myself so learning how to will be rather difficult. And while I hope that losing weight will help me to gain some self appreciation I am aware that it's not a guaranteed thing. But I am personally at the point where I need to stop hiding. I'm going to be 33 this year, it's time. I need a life and I need to get out and be more social. It's something I think I am personally ready to do. I have nothing to lose and only something to gain. But it all still feels overwhelming to me. -_-;

So that is my plan for 2014. It's only 13 days late. But hey, better late then never. So wish me luck and give me advice if you have any. I'll post more about some of it later.

Now I must go and finish the last of my Pepsi for it will miss me when I give it up~