January 11th, 2014

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Let's start something new

Well this year has certainly started off rocky for me. Let's see where to start...I know let's start at the END of 2013.

Before Christmas my Computer decided it wanted to sleep...permanently. I'm still upset over this, I lost a lot of data and trying to remember what I have backed up and what don't is pretty much still driving me mad. My mom gave me her old laptop which she never used much. After I fixed it, re-imaged it and got everything up to where it needed to be I discovered that this laptop is badly in need of RAM. This laptop runs Vista and Vista alone takes about 1 gig on RAM to run. Which sucks for me because money wise I can't afford to buy RAM to get it up to where it needs to be. So it's only got half the programs I need on it. While it runs just fine with 1gig of RAM it has it's moments. FF doesn't like it at all and keeps throwing script errors left and right if I am not paying attention to what is on and what is being accessed which makes me annoyed more times then not. So for a good deal of December till now I have pretty much off the internet. Which has been rather relaxing for once.

After Christmas before New Years; well the 28 to be exact; me, Mom and Step Dad where on the way to meet my Brother, his Girlfriend and her Family for a lunch in. While on the way my Step Dad decided to take MLK to get to the restaurant which is rather off. Normally he would take the expressway but for what ever reason he didn't. So we are in the car talking and in the middle of MLK; which on a normal day would be really busy; there is a this little dog sitting in the street. So we stopped the car in the middle of the road, my Mom jumps out and chases the Dog to the side of the road and then turns to walk towards the car. The dog follows so my Mom opens the back door and the dog jumps in. OK, so now the four of us proceed on our way to lunch. Mom took the dog back to the house while me and my Step Dad meet everyone and proceeded to lunch. I have to say that while I like the food at the restaurant we went too, they had is all spread out between four tables despite the fact that we were told they could put tables together and sit us all down.After lunch I took my Mom's car and the Dog to the Humane Society to report him lost and to see if his family could be found. He was clean when we found him and already fixed as well. I put in an application to adopt him just in case and left after that.

New Years was boring due to me being sick. Damn sinus infection. So I was in bed for a week.

On the 4th or January I was feeling well enough to FINALLY see the second Hobbit Movie. It was really good for a movie but I won't go into details because that is a rather long rant. In the middle of the movie my phone starts to vibrate which was odd. But I ignored it. Well when the movie was done I checked my messages and found that the Dog from a week earlier was ready for me to come and claim. I though to myself, WOW really?, no one came to claim him. I went straight home after that, changed my clothes and headed to get him. I choose to name him Zeus; since my Grandpa wouldn't let me call him anything else; and brought him home.

Zeus is a Long Haired Dachshund (might me mixed?). He is Black and Tan in color and about a year old. Right now he is being treated for Kennel Cough but other wise he is a little ball of energy who follows me everywhere. Image of Zeus - (https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BdK3E3WIAAAPc8W.jpg:large)

So right now I am taking care of my new Dog, and playing catch up with stuff. But that is for tomorrows post.

Let's Work on it List

Just a simple list for me:


  • fix Garden Link

  • Start Nagareboshi layout

  • Edit Kaleidoscope Layout

  • Remake graphics for Kaleidoscope

  • Rewrite information for Kaleidoscope and how it will work

  • Finish DELiSH layout

  • Finish DELiSH card sets

  • Install myTCG, CuteNews for DELiSH

  • .....DELiSH has a lot of stuff it needs really

  • Work on Link Buttons

  • Work on Links Out in general


  • play and update all TCGs

  • refind fonts for card templates

  • Check all forum post and answer them

  • Lost mind as this will take me all week to update


  • Order RAM for Laptop

  • Catch up on Scanlations

  • Work on my Flavors.me page

  • Find where I left my brain

  • Find my Sanity (doubt I ever will)

  • Find a Mood Set for LJ (do people still make these?)

  • Current Mood
  • Tags